Jasik Designs is normally a one-person business.
Our product ("The Debugger & MacNosy") includes "The Debugger", MacNosy, and CoverTest.

"The Debugger" is both a high and low-level Debugger that runs in a full multi-window Macintosh environment. It runs on and debugs both 680x0 and PowerPC programs. It gives you the ability to get low-level views of either processor's instructions and registers, plus it lets you take a high-level view of the source code. For more information, see this page

MacNosy is a global interactive disassembler that enables one to recover the source code of any Mac application, resource file, or the ROM

CoverTest is a code coverage analysis tool for programmers and quality assurance testers to interactively determine what parts of a program have been executed (covered).

Steve is also available for consulting. Send e-mail for more information.

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