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This page will be added to as common questions are asked. Please suggest topics you would like to see covered here.

Q: Why can't I see my source code when debugging a Metrowerks Application or resource ?

A: Metrowerks controls the information for source level debugging on a file by file basis.
Check the column in your project file with the bug in it to make sure that the corresponding source file has a bullet in it, showing that source level debugging is selected for that file.

Q: Why can't I see my source code or assembly code when debugging a 68K Metrowerks Application.

A: Select the Preferences dialog, and set the 'The Debugger' Aware option in:
Preferences:68KProject:Startup code

Q: How can I automate the Debugging of QuickTime components ?

A: This is a pain in the butt as when the Mac OS informs 'The Debugger'
of a Component being loaded (PowePC) it always passes
the name of the component as 'Component'.

Given this stupid behavior, you must stand on your head
to automate the debugging of PowerPC Quicktime components.
Here is the magic formula:
a) The magic name for the 'sym' file is 'Component.xSYM'
b) Assume your component resides in the folder 'myComponent folder'
in the resource file 'myComponentRsrcFile',
THEN you turn ON the flag DBG_Rsrcs prior to running your program,
AND if when you register your component, 'myComponentRsrcFile'
is on the list of OpenResource files,
then 'The Debugger' will read the 'sym' file for the component.
To try this out, you may download the empty Codec test case

Q: How do I debug Chooser PACK's ?

A: For both cases (68K and PPC Accelerated resources) you must do the following:
turn on the Dbg_Rsrcs flag, and set the Generic Resource type to PACK
by adding '=G' and 'PACK' lines to your ROM.dsi file, ...
To debug a Chooser PACK with PPC code, you will need the 2/12/99 or later version of The Debugger.
In the 68K case, the name of the sym file will be: <myChooser Pack>/PACK_F000.sym
and in for the Accelerated resource it will be: <myChooser Pack>.xsym

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